Products: Price Cards

Our full color Eat Local Food price cards have a dry erase finish, so you can reuse them again and again! Use with dry erase marker only. For longer card life, we recommend you wipe clean after use.
Sold by the dozen, in 2 sizes and in 15 colorful fruit, vegetables and flower designs.   In stock product with immediate availability.

Features & Uses

Made in the USA, Eat Local Food® Price Cards are decorative, reusable and functional. You can’t always be there to talk about your locally grown food, so let your shelves and produce displays speak for you! Our colorful, eye-catching designs make a striking display that will attract customers and demonstrate your commitment to selling fresh, healthy local food.
Available in 2 sizes and in 15 colorful fruit and vegetables designs. 
To view the Eat Local Food® In-Stock Price Card designs, click here (download PDF)
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